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GE Enduris Roof Coating Warranties

Momentive Performance Materials (Momentive) is the exclusive licensee for GE Silicones, and manufactures and sells Enduris roof coatings.  Momentive offers two (2) types of warranties, Limited Product Warranty and Limited Material and Labor Warranty.  Material and Labor Warranties are only available for commercial buildings done by a pre-authorized contractor.  Authorized Applicators are roofing contractors who become qualified based on their experience and training.

Limited Product Warranty

Ten (10) year Limited Product Warranties are available from Momentive for commercial or residential projects that use GE Silicones Enduris roof coating.  Upon completion of the work the Authorized Applicator sends the warranty application to Momentive, which will then issue the warranty.  There are no fees or inspection.  Specific conditions and limitations are identified in the warranty document, a sample of which is available upon request.  The remedy under this warranty is to provide replacement product.

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Limited Material and Labor Warranty

Ten (10), fifteen (15), and twenty (20) year Material and Labor warranties are available for work done by Authorized Applicators on commercial buildings.  These warranties help provide peace of mind to a property owner that their roof maintenance coating project will not leak water into the building due to ordinary weathering.  Remedies under this warranty include material and the labor needed to repair a leak.  Specific conditions and limitations apply as shown in the warranty document.  A sample of the warranty will be provided upon request.
There is a fee to obtain a Material and Labor warranty that includes both a fixed base and an amount per square foot, which varies with the term of the warranty.  These warranties also require pre-approval by Momentive, an inspection of the completed job, and signing of the warranty document by the owner, the contractor, and Momentive.
Both types of warranties require that Enduris roof coating be installed to the thickness specified by Momentive for the term of the warranty.  The minimum Dry Film Thickness of coating specified is 21 mils, 28 mils, and 36 mils, for ten-year, fifteen-year, and twenty-year warranties, respectively.  Thickness of coatings and sealants will be higher over seams, joints, flashings and other details.

How to get a Roof Coating Warranty

Become an Authorized Applicator
  • Complete roof coating training

  • Complete application for the company to become an Authorized Applicator

  • Have at least 25,000 square feet of prior roof coating work evaluated

  • Submit copies of insurance

  • Sign agreement

For a Product Warranty on a project
  • No fees and no inspection

  • Fill out the Product Warranty Request form

  • Momentive will complete the warranty and return to you

For a Labor & Material Warranty on a project

Before the job begins:

  • Be sure to include warranty fees in your quote

  • Do adhesion tests on roof and document with photos or video

  • Complete all fields on Pre-Approval form including photos of adhesion tests and roof maps

Momentive will send an invoice for the warranty and confirmation that the job is acceptable. We will contact the inspector to pre-arrange for the inspection and get into their schedule.

When the job is complete

  • Send the Warranty Completion Submittal so we know the inspection can be done

  • Pay the warranty fees

  • Arrange with the inspector to be at the job when they are

  • Pass inspection

Momentive will share the inspection results with you.  Fix any defects noted on the inspection.

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Contractor Accreditation Program

The Contractor Accreditation Program (CAP) requires installer training and company evaluation for the ability to qualify for a “No Leak” warranty from Momentive Performance Materials (Momentive).  New contractors will only be added in those geographic areas where Momentive determines that there is a need for additional applicators. The requirements are shown below.  

Requirements for each category
  • Momentive determines that the territory needs additional Authorized Applicators

  • At least 1 person per company has completed GE Silicone training or equivalent combination of training and experience

  • Inspections of at least 25,000 sq. ft. of completed jobs with an rating of 5 or better (or qualify with prior GE Silicones work)

  • Company is in good standing with their supplier

  • Company has a good credit record

  • Company maintains insurance as required

  • Agreement between Contractor and Momentive

How to join?
  • Get approval from GE Silicones Distributor

  • Have Distributor confirm territory need with Momentive Regional Account Manager

  • Complete CAP Application

  • Complete CAP Roof Coat training class as needed

  • Have prior work inspected

  • Confirm insurance

  • Complete agreement

Dry Mils, Application Rates, & Basecoat Requirements

Minimum Dry Film Thickness and Application Rates

10 year

15 year

20 year

Minimum Dry Film Thickness (DFT) (1)

21 mils

28 mils

36 mils

Application Rates Theoretical (1) &
Practical (2)

1.5 gallons/SQ
2.0 gallons/SQ

2.0 gallons/SQ
2.5 gallons/

2.5 gallons/SQ
3.0 gallons/SQ

Recoats of expired Enduris coating jobs

New coating DFT - 15 mils
Total DFT - 30 mils minimum

New coating DFT - 20 mils
Total DFT - 35 mils

Not Available

(1) Theoretical Application Rates to achieve minimum DFT.
(2) Practical Rates are higher to allow for surface texture and porosity, wind loss and material left in container, on rollers and/or spray equipment lines.  Each roof and project will be different and the Practical rate increase will vary.

Approved Products and basecoat requirements
(Always test adhesion)

Substrate (3)(4)

Basecoat or cleaner

Asphaltic surfaces such as BUR or ModBit

Optional:  Asphalt Bleed Blocker to prevent bleed through into light color coating.  Apply at 1.5  gallon/sq. ft.


EPDM Wash at 1 gallon/500 sq.ft.

Aged TPO, PVC, Hypalon®






Structural Concrete

Enduris Concrete Sealer

(3) Warranties are for the coating and do not include the substrate to which the coating is applied.
(4)Do not apply to: Aluminized coatings, Ballasted single-ply membranes & Coal tar

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