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FAQ's for Roof Coating
Does the product come with a warranty?

Yes.  Both product warranties and no-leak warranties are available.

Do I use coating for repairs?

GE Enduris Liquid Flashing is great for repairs and is available in 2 gallon pails. Simply use a small brush to apply. Some seam repairs may all require reinforcing fabric.

How does it get applied?

GE Enduris coatings can be applied by using a roller, squeegee, or high pressure spray equipment.

Why Silicone vs Acrylic?

Silicone will not weather away and only requires one coat. GE Enduris coatings do not require primers or mixing. Silicone coatings will typically last 10-20 years.

How many coats do I need?

Most roof surfaces will require only one coat. Adhesion tests are highly recommended. All surfaces must be dry and clean.

What is the Coverage Rate?

Generally speaking, you can use 1.5 to 2 gallons per 100 sq. ft.

What roofing products are available from GE Silicones?

GE Enduris High Solids Silicone Roof Coating, GE Enduris Liquid Flashing, Asphalt Bleed Blocker, and Reinforcing Fabric.