Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

GE Silicones SCS9000 Silpruf* NB Sealant Helps Protect a Historic Landmark


Empire State Building

New York, New York


A versatile solution for a significant restoration

In 2006, a restoration project aimed to return the iconic Empire State Building to its full glory. Heavy rain, strong winds, and UV exposure had compromised a urethane sealant applied over a decade earlier—leaving the façade vulnerable to air and water penetration. Tenants increasingly complained about bubbling drywall, water stains, and energy-draining drafts.

The restoration required a more resilient sealant that would not sacrifice the building’s aesthetic appeal. The durable, stain-resistant formula of GE Silicones SCS9000 SilPruf NB sealant offered an all-in-one solution.

“From conception to completion, the GE Silicones team of experts provided us with everything we needed and more,” said John Rudisill, project manager and vice president of Consultant Associates of New York.

Strength and beauty maintained

The GE Silicones technical experts worked directly with Consultant Associates to specify, deliver, and install approximately 10 miles of GE Silicones SCS9000 SilPruf NB sealant on the Empire State Building. Its outstanding weather resistance and adhesion offered long-lasting sustainability that the previous urethane sealant could not. The formula’s high resistance to dirt and dust also offered the potential for reduced frequency of periodic maintenance.

In addition, the sealant satisfied specifications required by the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission. SCS9000 SilPruf NB allowed critical approvals to be secured with its ability to resist staining and streaking on many substrates—including the Empire State Building’s beautiful limestone panels.

“From conception to completion, the GE Silicones team of experts provided us with everything we needed and more.

— John Rudisill, Vice President, Consultant Associates of New York


“This [product feature], coupled with the confidence it instilled in the team of experts working on the solution, [helped assure that] the project moved forward in a timely manner,” said Rudisill.

A collaboration in success

The remediation of the Empire State Building’s exterior sealant was completed in July 2009. SCS9000 SilPruf NB sealant fixed the persistent air and water leaks, which subsided tenant complaints. The successful restoration is a testament to high-performing products, a responsive and knowledgeable technical team, and a commitment to quality by the GE Silicones team.

“From orchestrating preconstruction mock-up and performance testing that [helped ensure] agency approvals, to timely deliveries of the product and ongoing on-site quality assurance testing, the team of sealants experts and silicone products proved essential to the overall success of this project,” said Rudisill.

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