Villa Caletas Hotel

Villa Caletas Hotel

Villa Caletas Hotel

GE Enduris* Roof Coating Beautifies and Protects


Villa Caletas Hotel

Puntarenas Province

Jaco, Costa Rica


Resilience and durability in paradise

As a high performance, liquid-applied roofing membrane, Enduris roof coating isn’t just great for looks—it can also perform in the most challenging of climates.

Located in a lush tropical jungle, the luxury Villa Caletas Hotel faced numerous waterproofing challenges. Built about five years ago, the existing roof coating was already starting to fail. Leaks as well as rusted areas had developed across its 10,000 square meters of roofing—particularly on the panel edges. It was time for a refresh of every roof in the complex.

“From several options, we chose GE Enduris roof coating. It was the right combination of price and performance. We trust the GE brand and the silicone performance promise,” said Ferens Badenszki, the maintenance manager for Villa Caletas.

High performance

The process started with the application of SWS weatherproofing sealant to joints, gaps, and areas where dissimilar materials met. Next, the GE Enduris roof coating was applied to the entire surface for long-term protection against the elements and ponding water. Enduris coating is a simple solution that offers extended warranties of up to 20 years.


“From several options, we chose GE Enduris* roof coating. It was the right combination of price and performance.”

— Ferens Badenszki, Maintenance Manager


Because SWS sealant and all Enduris components are 100% silicone, there was no worry of failures from the intersection of dissimilar materials. “Now the customer has a seamless roof with little annual maintenance needs,” said Jeffry Martinez, project supervisor at distributor MegaLineas. “Costa Rica is a challenging environment. It’s hot and humid, which can lead to metal rust with use of a lower performance coatings. High temperatures, interrupted by frequent and unexpected rain, can cause huge roof temperature changes in just a few seconds. This is challenging for a metal roof— especially at penetrations and where panels overlap.”

Energy Savings

The owner immediately noticed lower temperatures in the rooms and common areas. Although not yet quantified, this can allow cooling energy cost savings and significantly increased comfort in unconditioned spaces.

Easy application

There are application benefits as well. “During the four-week project, we lost only two days to rain,” said Ferens Badenszki. He explained, “If it had been an acrylic coating, we would have lost weeks. It rains here nearly every afternoon! A quicker and more predictable installation meant savings for us and less interruptions for our guests.”

“As you know, most acrylics cannot be applied if rain is expected within 24 hours,” said Ferens. With the protective properties of Enduris coating and SWS sealant in place, Villa Caletas has returned to what it does best: providing a relaxing tropical getaway for visitors in beautiful, comfortable facilities.

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