Brock Commons Student Residence

Brock Commons Student Residence

Brock Commons Student Residence

GE Elemax* 2600 Coating Supports Quick Construction Timeline


Brock Commons Student Residence

Vancouver, Canada

New Construction

The right solution for an aggressive deadline
Opened in 2017, Brock Commons Student Residence is the world’s tallest mass timber building and home to 400 students at the University of British Columbia. To avoid disruptions on campus, and to complete the project in time for fall semester, fabricator Centura Building Solutions decided to construct their scope of the building’s components offsite.

Even with mass timber’s building components ability to be prepared offsite, an air and water-resistive barrier (AWB) with a quick cure and easy application was needed to help meet the tight, 70-day timeline. After building consultant RDH Building Science tested several solutions for the project’s AWB specifications, they chose GE Silicones Elemax 2600 coating for its efficient application benefits for the project’s AWB specifications, as well as its long-term durability.

Made with 100% silicone, GE Elemax 2600 coating cures quickly to form a vapor permeable and airtight membrane. Its liquid formula can be applied in one easy coat—even around windows, corners, and joints to help save time and money. The coating is UV resistant upon cure, and maintains its elasticity even after years of exposure to weather extremes.

From off-campus to on-campus construction
With the AWB selected, construction moved forward on the prefabricated panels. GE Elemax 2600 coating was used to seal the panels from the inside to create a smooth look on the outside. GE Silicones RF100 Reinforcing Fabric was used to provide an extra layer of protection around joints, while GE Elemax 5000 Liquid Flashing was used to seal all windows and sills.

Once everything was cured and prefabricated, the panels were moved onsite where they came together seamlessly.

“GE Elemax 2600 coating helped to move production quickly, so that we didn’t lose time. With its quick cure time, we were able to finish the project in eight weeks,” said Ash Botros, Manager of Development and Technology at Centura.


“GE Elemax* 2600 coating helped to move production quickly, so that we didn’t lose time. With its quick cure time, we were able to finish the project in eight weeks.”

— Ash Botros, Manager of Development and Technology
Centura Building Solutions​


Looking toward the future
In addition to achieving a tight timeline and accomplishing uninterrupted offsite-to-onsite building, Brock Commons represents a significant milestone in mass timber construction. The sustainable building material stores carbon dioxide, rather than emitting it. The carbon-trapping capabilities of Brock Commons can amount to taking 490 cars off the road for a year.

Combined with this lighter carbon footprint, GE Elemax AWB solutions will help Brock Commons perform through wide-ranging weather conditions and stay flexible and resilient—setting the standard for other wood buildings for years to come.

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