GE Elemax* 2600

GE Elemax* 2600

GE Elemax* 2600

Coating Contributes to Long-term Sustainability goals of 430 Forest in Palo Alto


430 Forest

Palo Alto, California


A versatile solution for a significant restoration

When 430 Forest owner and developer Prabhas Kejriwal tackled the challenge of providing the upscale audience of Palo Alto with high-quality living spaces, he furthered the challenge by attempting to design the most environmentally-responsible space possible. During the time of 430 Forest’s debut in Palo Alto, the town of 65,000 was celebrating becoming the first city in America with an electricity supply that is 100 percent carbon neutral, so keeping up with the town’s success was paramount. 

For Kejriwal, the key to his green-conscious goal was finding products that would aid in his personal mission for long-term sustainability and protecting the city’s carbon neutral honor. While the unique all-electric, solar-powered design played a large role in its impressive energy efficiency, the small details were not overlooked to make this project the most sustainable space it could possibly be. After extensive research, Kejriwal chose GE Elemax 2600 coating to further his mission to make 430 Forest a model of energy efficiency in Palo Alto.

Advancing Technology Brings Previously Untapped Benefits

Palo Alto is an upscale market, so keeping up with the high standards of potential occupants was crucial when designing 430 Forest. With deep roots in the engineering field, it was no surprise that Kejriwal spent a considerable amount of time researching the newest available technologies to take advantage of in order to construct his prize project using the most advanced materials. “People generally tend to use materials that they have used for years and are comfortable with, but technology is changing. As an electrical engineer, I like to research and find the newest materials and products that fit best for a project.”, said Kejriwal.  

Guided by GE Silicone’s long-time partner RDH, Kejriwal discovered GE Elemax* 2600 coating and determined it was the best option on the market for  430 Forest. GE Elemax 2600 coating’s advanced formula offered superior performance and longevity as an air and water barrier (AWB) when compared to the alternative barrier candidates, as well as comparable environmental benefits. 

Energy Efficiency at the Forefront

With energy efficiency as the primary goal of the 430 Forest project, targeting LEED certification was a must. Kejriwal’s aim for the design was to earn the 80 plus points required to be LEED Platinum-level certified. LEED projects have the potential to earn points across nine basic areas: Integrative process, location and transportation, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation, regional priority. 

With the energy and atmosphere category offering projects over 30 possible points, energy performance was a big consideration in choosing materials for 430 Forest construction. With its ability to control the flow of air and water throughout the building envelope, the application of GE Elemax 2600 coating can help reduce energy use in 430 Forest by up to 35 percent. Additional contributions to an LEED score are a product’s ability to reduce indoor air contaminants that are potentially irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants. With its low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content, GE Elemax 2600 coating not only met, but in fact exceeded the air quality requirements for the Palo Alto district. Protecting the environment was a crucial when selecting an AWB for 430 Forest, and GE Elemax 2600 AWB offered the resilience required to withstand the elements while minimally impacting the environment, and helping to keep tenants comfortable.

Product Longevity was Key to Attaining Sustainability Goals 

Secondary to the energy efficiency of the project was the longevity of the materials selected for 430 Forest. When asked why Kejriwal chose GE Elemax coating, he replied, “We wanted a solution that could last the life of the building.” Among an expansive list of benefits, GE Elemax coating boasted excellent long-term resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, rain, snow, and wind, and a seamless, permanently flexible membrane that will not crack or separate. 

Along with the appeal of 430 Forest’s location, was the added peace of mind the occupants and Kejriwal could enjoy knowing that the building would be protected from drafts, air and water leaks, and thus mold mildew, rot, and rust with GE Elemax 2600 coating’s 100 percent silicone-based formula. The long-lasting, naturally resilient 100% silicone-based formula of GE Elemax 2600 further influenced Kejriwal’s overall sustainability goal. Reduced risk of air and water leaks as a result of GE Elemax coating’s durability directly impacts the energy efficiency of the building, making it the ideal choice for the 430 Forest project. 

GE Silicone 100% silicone-based air water barrier is proud to have been a crucial part of making 430 Forest a stunning example of energy efficiency at its best. With its durable and weather-resistant design, Elemax coating can help make the 430 Forest tenant experience great by helping to control the moisture and humidity inside the building, thus maintaining a comfortable air quality for years to come. Plus, with LEED certification on the horizon, Kejriwal’s decisions can lead to conservation of resources, as well as money savings for renters and a positive impact on their overall comfort—all while being an advocate for renewable, clean energy in the city.

We wanted a solution that could last the life of the building.
— Prabhas Kejriwal

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