Specialty The GE specialty family includes a variety of sealants and adhesives to meet a broad spectrum of sealing and adhesion requirements.
Typical applications include:

  • Sanitary
  • Acoustical
  • Smoke and fire control
  • General purpose

GE RCS20 Acoustical
Paintable, easy-to-use, siliconized acrylic caulk with acoustical ratings.

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GE SCS1700 Sanitary
Acetoxy silicone sealant with fungicide for areas exposed to moisture, heat and humidity. Once cured, sealant has mold-free product protection.

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GE SCS1200 Construction
High-strength, acetoxy silicone sealant providing outstanding adhesion and long-term performance in a range of structural glazing and general glazing.

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GE SCS1000 Contractors
General purpose acetoxy silicone sealant.

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GE Primers
Adhesion-promoters for surfaces to which sealants are difficult to bond.

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Limitations: Customers must evaluate the product and make their own determination as to fitness of use in their particular applications. See the applicable product data sheets for additional product information.