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GE Optic* 2401
Don't change the color. Change the solution.

GE SEC2401 SilShield* Optic is now GE Optic* 2401 – the same trusted formulation, with a new, simplified name. Optic 2401 is a translucent waterproofing solution that goes on clear and stays clear to help maintain the visual aesthetics of your project. It not only protects the facade, but it also has the ability to maintain its appearance without yellowing, cracking, fading or blistering, preserving the building's beauty. And since it's a 100% silicone elastomeric coating, Optic 2401 cures to a durable, watertight and weatherproof barrier for lasting protection against damaging outdoor elements.

Easy Application

Optic 2401 offers excellent primerless adhesion to common construction substrates such as brick, masonry, stone, wood, terra cotta, concrete and other surfaces. It is easily applied using brush and roller tools, or airless spray methods, which allows installation versatility for a wide range of textures and finishes.

Transmits Light

Architects often select natural light as a key design element in a building. Over time, these fixtures that bring in light can also degrade from exposure to the elements, allowing water intrusion to occur through cracked mortar joints in glass block walls, failed gaskets or other entry points. Optic 2401 covers these features with an impermeable waterproof coating that still permits light to pass through as intended by the design, while providing the long-term protection of a silicone coating. With an 87% light transmission rate (LTR) at 10 mils dry film thickness (DFT), the functionality of these features remains intact and lighting design is not sacrificed.

Resists Graffiti

Optic 2401 helps defends against non-mechanical vandalism and graffiti. Most paints and inks can be simply washed away with appropriate cleaning solutions or high- pressure spray washing, which makes for easy removal of these eyesores.

Learn how GE Optic* provided a cost-effective and durable waterproofing solution!

Users from the Tanglewood Condo project in Houston, Texas share their first-hand experiences with Optic 2401, from specifying the product to its cost-effective results and easy application.

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Translucent for Aesthetic Appeal

Optic 2401 applies clear and stays that way, which allows buildings' aesthetic qualities and their original architecture to shine through the coating with minimal impact on a structure's appearance. With the long-term UV resistance that is critical for an above-grade waterproofing solution, it will not degrade in the sun's harsh rays. Instead, Optic 2401 can accentuate brick, stucco, concrete and other substrates. And since it is 100% silicone, Optic 2401 is durable to maintain the optically clear appearance for years to come.

Reduces Impact and Saves Money

In the past, there were limited options available for waterproofing measures that preserved the appearance of structures. Building owners often had to choose between complete removal and reinstallation of the facade or paintable solutions that covered unique architectural features. But now Optic 2401 offers an alternative for waterproofing needs, while minimizing structural impact. Enveloping buildings as a clear membrane, it can reduce project time, invasive construction and remediation costs. Its long-term efficacy in sealing out air and water helps prevent costly damages and rework for both old and new construction.

Note: testing should be performed prior to application to verify impact of Optic 2401 on substrate appearance.
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