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100% Silicone Air & Water Resistive Barrier

A 100% silicone Air & Water Resistive Barrier system is an enduring option for an energy efficient and watertight barrier around the building envelope. A complete silicone system eliminates any adhesion issue you might encounter at transitions between silicone and dissimilar materials. Without proper adhesion and compatibility, leakage, higher HVAC costs, water damage and energy inefficiency could ensue.

Silicone has inherent properties that make it an excellent long-term energy efficient solution for air barriers:

  • Permanent flexibility for a durable & airtight system
  • UV/Weather resistance for 20+ years
  • Cold weather application down to 0° F / -18° C
  • Superb candidate for open joint rain screen systems
  • Excellent flammability characteristics for consideration in NPFA 285 compliant wall systems
AWB systems control the flow of air and water through the building envelope and create a contiguous barrier to reduce energy consumption in a building by up to an estimated 35%1. AWB systems can also contribute to LEED certification, temperature control and can aid in the prevention of mold and mildew from unwanted water entering the building.
The complete air and water barrier system by GE

A complete, seamless 100% silicone AWB system can be attained by properly utilizing the products described below.

GE SilShield* AWB

SEC2500 and SEC2600 SilShield AWB coatings are fluid-applied 100% silicone coatings for air barrier and water-resistive barrier (WRB) applications to coat and seal above-grade wall assemblies, protecting against air passage and water penetration. They are easily sprayed, rolled or brushed with common coating equipment, even in freezing temperatures. SEC2600 is vapor permeable and solvent free.

GE UST2200* UltraSpan

UST2200 UltraSpan is a 100% silicone heat-cured rubber for use in transitioning and detailing across gaps and expansion joints, and for use in a multitude of applications around penetrations and frames. UST2200 is translucent for visual verification of sealant continuity at transition locations. Packaged in rolls, the material can be easily cut to accommodate transition configurations or conditions.

GE SilPruf*

The GE SilPruf line of 100% silicone sealant/adhesives is utilized for joints, seams, gaps and splices. GE SilPruf products are compatible with UST2200 transition strip and SEC2500/SEC2600 AWB coating.

GE SilPruf products include

SCS2000 SilPruf
SCS9000 SilPruf NB
SCS2700 SilPruf LM


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  Patent Obtained for World's First
All-Silicone Air & Water Barrier System by GE

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  SEC2500 SilShield

  SEC2600 SilShield

  UltraSpan* UST/USM

  SCS2000 SilPruf*

  SCS2700 SilPruf* LM

  SCS9000 SilPruf* NB

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  GE SEC2500 SilShield* AWB

  GE SEC2500 SilShield* AWB

  GE SEC2600 SilShield* AWB

  GE SEC2600 SilShield* AWB

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Technical Documents

  NFPA 285 Tech Bulletin

  Spray Equipment Tech Bulletin

  Through Wall Flashing Tech Bulletin

  Water Vapor Transmission Analysis Form


  SEC2500 SilShield

  SEC2600 SilShield

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